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I have a friend named “Jimmy” who is constantly pointing out, to those who will listen, the numerous “33’s” and “13’s” in advertising, news stories, and film plots. At first (sorry Jimmy), it sounded a bit crazy, like all “conspiracy” theories tend to sound, at first. Then, like many of them, I discovered that what was “crazy” about it, is that it is True.

33 & Masons

As you can see in the above picture, the number “33” is very significant to those who are part of the international “Masonic” lodges throughout the world, whose members are simply known as “Masons”, at least to the rest of us on the outside. “Lions Club”, “Rotary Club”, “Kiwanis”, “Shriners”, and “Knights of Columbus”, are all said to be part of a central Masonic organization, which prides itself in the motto “Known by Many Names”.

As the short clip below proves beyond any doubt, ALL major television networks (ABC, FOX, NBC,CBS), as seen by their differentiating logos in the lower right and left part of the screen, receive scripts from a central authority above them. (It is your guess, as well as mine, as to who or what this central authority is.) Whoever they are, they have complete control over ALL major media, under the guise of there being “Independent” outlets.

Click HERE to view this startling fact.

Knowing that practically ALL “news” information is centralized, whoever is overseeing this pyramid structure of disseminated information is likely Masonic, as their favorite number, “33”, just as my friend Jimmy pointed out, appears quite regularly in their “news” stories.

CNN %2233%22


ABC %2233%22


LA Times %2233%22

Los Angeles Times

NY Times %2233%22

New York Times

ALL of these “33’s” are by choice, as CNN could have chosen any number of pictures to showcase, future “Human Immortality” was an estimate, the number of “Acres Burned” was anestimate, and “Suspected” overdoses was an estimate.

I have another friend who is a “32nd” degree Mason. He insists that the number “33” comes from the number of years that the Messiah (Jesus) lived on the earth. As this friend is not what I would call a “Christian”, I find this hard to believe, unless the origins of “Masons” were at one time benevolent, like the Church of Rome once was, and then, just like them, over time, changed into organized evil, as both organizations are now known for the most quintessential examples of deceit and lawlessness.

When I persistently wore down my “32nd Degree” Mason friend (who wasn’t supposed to go into great detail about the “Illuminati” organization) as to whether or not they really controlled the world (such as ALL major media outlets, as apparently somebody does), he finally admitted, and with vigor, “Yes, we do! Somebody’s got to run the world, so it might as well be us!

In studying numbers, the “Metric System” comes to mind as the most simplistic, so I will start there. In regard to temperature, “0” is Freezing and “100” is Boiling. This seems supremely logical. The “English” methodology however (keep in mind the “English” have dominated the world from ancient times, as have the “Masons”), is that the “33rd Degree” of temperature is the point of thawing, or in Masonic terminology, “Illumination”. This is why the “Masons” and the “Illuminati” are synonymous.

In the simplicity of metric hundreds, we see that there are one hundred United States Senators, two thirds of which (67) must agree on important matters, such as impeaching a President. How many are then left in the rebellious minority? . . . 33, or one third. I believe today this Masonic symbol depicts the heavenly representatives of the third of the angels who followed rebellious Lucifer, or the “Illuminated One” (hence “Illuminati”), in war against their Creator. (See Revelation 12:1-13)

In the clip below, you will see a “Shriner” (Mason) admit that he worships Lucifer! This stems from the Book of Genesis, wherein Satan (or Lucifer, the highest-ranking fallen angel) offers to “Illuminate” Adam and Eve with knowledge of good and evil, the latter of which the Creator preferred they not ever know about.

Click HERE to view this alarming clip.

The amazing thing I have discovered, is that the “Illuminati” (Masonic) world leaders (who are “33rd Degree”) admit that there is a Creator and a Messiah, only they invert Jesus with Lucifer, calling Lucifer the Messiah and Jesus the rebellious one, much as the Muslims have inverted the two prominent sons of Abraham (Isaac and Ishmael), saying that Ishmael (rather than Isaac) was the one about to be offered to the Creator as a sacrifice by Abraham. This is precisely why the Masons have so much Islamic symbolism and décor! Whereas Jesus (the Jew, from the lineage of Isaac) said to “Love your enemies”, Lucifer (and Mohamed, the Muslim, from the lineage of Ishmael) said to “Destroy your enemies”.

Without question, by Pope John Paul the 2nd’s own admission, the Church of Rome killed at least 50 Million Christians during the centuries of the “Dark Ages” for owning a Bible or keeping the original Saturday Sabbath, proving that True Christians are the enemy of the Church of Rome. What entity would lead such an organization against True Christians? As the scriptures say that Lucifer (the “Illuminated One” or “Illuminati”) comes to “Kill, Steal, and Destroy” (John 10:1-18), it is quite clear that the Church of Rome, and their Illuminati counterpart 33rd Degree Masons in High Offices of warring World Governments, are doing these very three destructive tirades, endlessly throughout the word. This is why their brethren, like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger, are emboldened to say, completely openly, that the world would be a better place if Six and a Half Billion of their non-members would please just die a quick death and leave the rest of the world to them.

The clip below, from a special church service in Rome conducted by the Pope himself, shows that the Latin chants in their pagan service (disguised as “Christian”) openly call for the blessing of Lucifer rather than Jesus!

Click HERE to view this disturbing clip.

These entities, who acknowledge God yet follow his fallen angel instead (with “secret illuminated knowledge” and rituals), are so much in control of the world, that they can call for the destruction of most of the population, with the very blessing of Lucifer himself, right out in the open! The “33”, I’m afraid, represents the followers of this lost fallen sect, proving their own maxim to be self-evidently True . . . “As Above, So Below.”

I will discuss this, and much more, in this week’s episode of “Conspiracy Corner News”.

Just click on the Youtube Link below to watch.

–Brother Bart-



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