Project Black Star Investigation Update Report – Volume 50 [2016].



Black Star Update Report December 15, 2016

Weekly seismic and new volcanic eruption event values say Earth experienced an earth change bounce moving into the second and final earth change lull period for the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star positioned between the Sun and Libra Constellation just below the ecliptic plane.

BSR Table Volume 50 - 2016

Year-over-year seismic values for Week 44 show a well-pronounced increase with more 5-magnitude earthquake events this week than the combined total for 2014 and 2015 that is likely making people wonder if Earth is really going through the predicted earth change lull period. Last year the two 7.6 Peru Quake Events took place in Week 44 becoming our Earth/Sun/Black Star backside-alignment quake event, as these critical events listed on the Black Star Event Timeline (chart) have been coming in later than expected for the last few years.

2014/2015 Seismic Chart[PDF]
2015/2016 Seismic Chart[PDF]

We see peak activity coming in on Week 41 with the 7.8 New Zealand Quake Event for seismic values across the board to decrease through Week 43, but I believe many reading these words can now understand why I used the term “bounce” so many times in the last Update Report. The seismic values for Week 43 last week dropped to below-average totals for the 5-mag and 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events due to Earth core rapid cooling, as our planet began moving away from the Black Star following the backside-alignment event. The rapid drop in these values so quickly pointed to a well-pronounced ‘bounce’ that we see showing up in the chart for Week 44 that can very well run into Week 45 that ends this Saturday night at midnight. This bounce is associated with the changing environment in the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire relating to the deep magma plume activity (see chart) allowing two massive magma waves of energy to push from Indonesia north through Japan, Kamchatka and the Aleutians and east across Fiji to South America and up through Central America into Mexico.

Imagine the deep magma plume reservoir formation resembles a giant horseshoe with the center sitting at Indonesia and the two arms reaching around the above locations that currently terminate in the Aleutians and Mexico respectively, but within the buoyancy barriers (see Featured Article) between 410 and 660 kilometers deep in Earth mantle transition zone (info). These deep magma plume waves deep inside Earth reached maximum velocity/intensity ending the recent earth change uptick period in Week 41, but the pressures then began backtracking towards the Indonesia Origination Zone where they converged to produce the big 7.8 mag quake event in the Solomon Islands Region (info) setting off a series of aftershocks sending our weekly seismic value totals skyward. My anticipation is that these waves circling back and forth across the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire will continue reverberating back and forth to gradually lose momentum/intensity through the earth change lull period running to the middle of February 2017, when the next earth change uptick period will begin. The anticipated moderately-sized quake events (circled here) between South America and Indonesia showed up on EQuake3D pointing to rising magma plume activity pushing upwards to create horn formations, as these massive waves return from Mexico down towards South America and then west to the Origination Zone as expected. I remain very confident that the seismic chart data will show the current earth change lull period began around the middle of November and will run to the middle of February 2017 with a few of these bounces along the way.

Name Location Activity:

Bezymianny Central Kamchatka (Russia) New

Copahue Central Chile-Argentina border New

Ebeko Paramushir Island (Russia) New

Langila New Britian (Papua New Guinea) New

Sheveluch Central Kamchatka (Russia) New

Earth saw five new volcanic eruptions this week remaining fairly high with focus on Russia primarily where the northern magma wave is making the retreat towards Japan where volcanic activity can easily go on the uptick, until the wave moves south through the Philippines later in the timeline. I expect this weekly value total to be around one or two, by the time Earth swings around in orbit to the 90-degree position in the second week of February 2017.

The Magnetic Pole Migration can be viewed here:

The magnetic North Pole made the smallest move of the year this week than at any time over the last two years from what I can tell by looking at the chart. I was encouraged by last week’s big North Pole migration move that closed the gap between 2015/2016 readings to just seven or eight days in hope that the gap would be closed to near the three days we see between the 2015/2016 nearside-alignment quake events (April 25, 2015 to April 28, 2016), but that differential has increased to about twelve days again pointing back to the 188-day cycle still

being in effect. This aspect of the Project Black Star Investigation is very confusing for member subscribers to my newsletters and Survival Group Members particularly developing their survival strategies for neutralizing all Black Star-related threats.

Here is the rundown in a nutshell: The Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion Model and the Black Star transitioning from an elliptical orbit to something more circular helps to explain the small three-day differential between the two recent nearside-alignment quake events from 2015 and 2016, because the magnetic repulsion forces between the Sun and Black Star are growing more than the cube of the closing distance; as the Black Star is moving towards reaching perihelion position next to the Sun. This primary model says that Earth will see another Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside-alignment quake event in the first week of May 2017 giving us a 2018 Earth Orbit Cycle and more time to prepare. However, this Magnetic North Pole Migration Model and the twelve-day differential suggests that the April 28, 2016 7.0 Vanuatu Quake was actually supposed to take place on May 7, 2016 as predicted; but that Jupiter or solar system harmonics or a combination of both caused this event to come early.

What this means is that the Migration Model is saying the 188-day cycle is still in force and that Earth is heading towards a Black Star/Earth Crossing Event on May 20, 2017 that includes a catastrophic Black Star/magnetically-induced geological pole shift requiring us to be at our safe zone locations and in direct proximity to our bugout cavern location, because the modeling says the crap is going to hit the fan! There is insufficient input data for updating the modeling to know for certain which one is correct forcing me to be in the Ozarks in case the inferior Magnetic North Pole Migration Modeling indicators are true. I provided more information on this topic in the recent Lee Clark Interview (link) for those wanting more information. A permanent link to this radio show interview is posted in the Radio Section on the final page of these newsletters.

The Ozarks Survival Group Program coming together as The Ark Mission Project is requiring more of my time and that trend is likely to continue beyond the first of the year and into spring 2017. Subscribers to my newsletters and members of our growing survival group programs around the world need to realize that my time to help others wake up about what is coming from space will continue diminishing from now for the duration, as my attention will focus more on the survival/prepper side of the equation. The Financial/Land Acquisition Committee run by Tom and Rosemary received my Land Acquisition Proposal yesterday morning, but I have not yet received an update report on any progress being made at the time this Update Report is being drafted. Right now this Ozarks Survival Group representing more than two hundred families has a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the dedicated efforts I have made in the Ozarks living and working there for years. While the details cannot be shared, the Financial Committee Investors are putting together the paperwork for purchasing property in a strategic location that will help me greatly in taking the operation to a much-higher level. Anyone reading these words wanting to capitalize on this golden opportunity can write me a comment in the description box of my YouTube videos, or hit the Contact Terral button at and I will help you to connect with the Committee ASAP.

Project supporters for this week include Joseph, Molly, Kellie, Tim, Denise, Mark, Thomas, Luke, Kelly, Emma, Atilla, Diana, Robert, Lori, Stacy, Daniel, Andrew, Sybil, Gail, Olaf, Michael and Randy all subscribing to Terral’s 2016 Newsletter at to receive full subscriber benefits for just 25 dollars per year. Marc and David renewed subscriptions from previous years and Anonymous made another donation to the research. The Ozarks property could be in our possession soon allowing me to relocate to the Ozarks into my old stomping grounds to begin field operations. Chris our Survival/Prepper Committee Leader has also expressed the desire to head to the Ozarks along with many others to get the field operations phase of the

project off the ground, which I am also eager to get started. Thank you again to everyone supporting the research at for making this investigation and The Ark Mission Project in the Ozarks possible.

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