Prophecies and Visions of the «End of the Times – Apocalypse» …


A  Good Friend just sent me a Letter with «His Vision and Mission» in the «End of the Times – Apocalypse»……

And I love you because I know you will Surprise greatly and clear many doubts of those who know that a New Humanity will be born after a Great Purification of the Present … 


«««José, Hope yourself and family are doing well under His Blessing.


Today has been foggy here but sunny on the other side of the sierra which is very unusual, a perfect day to do some writing with the fireplace going, thank you also Jose for making me write, which is something I am not into but need to do.

As I promised in order to make things more efficient here is a short note of some of my insight related to the best way to escape what is coming in the future which when it happens only «He» knows.

As mentioned before this quest for the “grand final” is something has been in me ever since I can remember.

Being not a big reader, one of the first books that I read non stop from cover to cover in the 70’s was “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey.  It’s not biblical correct, but it kind of gives the reader a general idea, also it shows of my search and hunger for the truth early on.

You see Jose there are two very important components to obtain the Victory; «One is Spiritual» & the second is «Physical».  Without the two no matter what people do they are doomed.


Therefore in order to gain this know how, a person needs Wisdom & Knowledge.

Now what are these?  Knowledge one gets that with academic education, at university, your studies are knowledge!  But Wisdom that is from Heaven and that one only can receive at the Feet of Jesus…  

The Kingdom of Jesus is at the Gates, open it …

Terral was saying from your information that you are Catholic, (you see Terral’s father was a protestant  pastor and he is also protestant, that is why he mentioned it was not in any way to condemn…).

Myself was during my early teens a very devout Catholic, that was until I meet a priest that had to leave the Catholic Church (jealous priests) for having a gift of delivering people from demonic oppression / possession…

But the big event was during a very difficult time in my life when Jesus came to me during the night I was about 17 years old, and from that day on I started to follow Him & Him alone.  I did my biblical studies and also my Psychological studies at Christian schools but it was all none denominational…


1)    One secular seer was Michael Scallion, he saw what was going to happen after all the shaking & up evil, his maps were used by the US Navi for emergency training, Portugal & Spain are at 3 min video.  «Guarda looks like a good safe spot».




2)    Now I do not know where you are personally with the Lord Jesus Christ but in order to be under His protection You and ALL OF US, need to have a very close walk with Him.  This is the most important key to go through all of Hell, that is about to come, and the Bible mentions that the «Remnant» will be able to go through much...


Here is a short film from Jesus Lips that explains this. (The film was made by the Mormons…).

***  Parabale of the Ten Virgins ***

Five Virgins were foolish & 5 were wise, (these means obviously that they had wisdom), interestingly they all belonged to the Kingdom of Heaven (remember Jesus prayed for the Kingdom to come & it did) which means it has nothing to do which religion one belongs to…  but our individual walk with The Religion of Christ.


N.T.:  Una explicación a esta Parábola del Fin de los Tiempos, y la Preparación Diaria que cada uno debe llevar hasta el Fin de sus Días, hasta la Muerte de Nuestro Cuerpo Temporal (porque nuestro Espíritu es Eterno, porque Dios nos Creó a Su Imagen y Semejanza). 

Preparación Diaria porque «No sabemos el Día ni la Hora de Nuestro Juicio Particular al momento de Morir».  Debemos Presentarnos ante Él (ante Nuestro Dios, Uno y Trino, un Solo Dios…  Dios Padre, Dios Hijo y Dios Espíritu Santo…), como «Justos y Agradables a Él», si no…, sólo queda el Infierno Eterno de los que NO HAN Cumplido sus Mandamientos, porque No le Aman, No le Buscan, No Creen en Él y por tanto No le Siguen, No conocen su Voz ni Conocen LA VERDAD que sólo es Dios…  Todo el que es de la Mentira, no entrará en el Reino de los Cielos, es Hijo del Padre de la Mentira, Satanás, y no hay Luz en Él sino Tinieblas…

Perdonad, porque no está escrito en Lengua Sajona (de los Saxons, de la Tribu de Jacob), sino Escrita en Católico Español (Nosotros Somos de la Tribu de Judá…), las tenéis aquí, disfrutadlas y saboreadlas:

  1. De los comentarios de San Agustín. Sobre la Parábola de las vírgenes Prudentes y las vírgenes Necias…

  2. Explicación de la Parábola de las vírgenes necias y prudentes… El Premio o El castigo Eterno…


The Watchman gives the warning, some have oil others not, this means the anointing or the infilling of the Holy Spirit or Baptismal of the Holy Spirit or in Catholic terms the Charisma.  If one has all the requisites then one is allowed in the door, its closed, and one is protected by Him! Amen!  Aquí 


«««We know the end is near and that times will be very difficult there has been many prophecies…»»»


Here is a short list that many you know…: 


3)  One of my favor saints of all time Francis of Assisi with respect to end times…

*** One of my favor saints of all time Francis of Assisi, with respect to end times. ***


4)    A very interesting prophecy of 1968, a “90 year old Norwegian woman”, she mentioned the present immigrant crisis in the Scandinavian nations and soon after WWIII will start, of course I heard that from others, the war starting during the immigrant crisis and in fact a very trustworthy prophet friend said that the Russian president after Putin would be very aggressive and go for war (Timing?).



5)     Other very old prophecies like: Lady of La Salette, priest Malachy about the Popes, Mother Shipton (1559)…

  ***  Lucifer In The Vatican – Father Malachi Martin.mp4 ****


Irish priest that died in 1999, Malachi Martin said basically the same (The first part is about the Catholic Church, then at 1:01 he goes in general, then at 1:15 he goes individual (duration time, 1:25:16).


If you have been analyzing the common theme on these prophecies, it’s not about building a shelter or a hiding place, it’s about hiding in Him the Lord. This is not like WWII where one could jump on a sail boat and go hide out in a beach in Africa or South America, we live in a high-tech world where «they can see and hear everything, The children of the Father of the Lie, the Race of the Serpent, the children of Cain and Satan»


One might say that I only mentioned Christian seers, it’s one sided, well I have examined also the secular seers and basically say the same. For example, here are two:

6)    Major Ed Dames expert on Remote Viewing.

*** The Killshot: Approaching the Moment the World Will End ***

I must caution you; People are making money on courses related to Remote Viewing and others have connected with Demonic Spirits, this technique is VERY DANGEROUS, MORE THAN EBOLA VIRUS, AIDS, INFLUENZA, VIRUELA, VARICELA, and all others together…..

The Major does see the end, and some do survive in valleys in the Siberian Wilderness. The bible also confirms that some do go through the Great Tribulation.  Another secular seer was Michael Scallion, that I already mention above.

he saw what was going to happen after all the shaking & up evil, his maps were used by the US Navi for emergency training, Portugal & Spain are at 3min video. Guarda looks like a good spot.


I know many other secular people, there is a guy that uses computer algorithms for future predictions & he is good.  Have lots on the future of the US but little on Europe, but I do have something prophetic about Portugal & Spain.



Hands on experienced on “Bugging Out”.


Everyone is different, while I was in Canada, saw that Canadians act like “Lone Wolves” one or two families buy property up in the north country in the bush, lots of wood, fresh water and hunting, but winters are long and very very cold.

Americans like Terral like large groups 600+ organize a mini community everyone a specialist, with lots of equipment of all kinds, you know what I mean.


Here in Portugal it’s like going back to nature, young people buy a valley, live with the basics, yoga…, the French love to do rituals at night, and the Germans are more work minded…,

«But All with  No Discernment of the Times»…


What are my prophetic friends seeing with respect to “Bugging Out”?


They saw many followers of Jesus Christ, Catholics, Christians and some Jews, being prosecuted and seeking refuge in the Indian Reservations (Indian Reservations are exempt from federal laws) and the Amish & Mennonites surviving, but others will be thrown into concentration camps.


So what will the future be like? 


I do know some people that God took them into the future, nothing is impossible with God… Portuguese/Irish Ken Peters saw things in 1980 that only exist today, here is testimony when he was young in 1980.

*** Ken Peters – I Saw The Tribulation ***


Henry Gruver just did a very recent interview with Steve Quayle, here is the 2nd part.  I know this is in the other side of the Atlantic, but what I want to focus on the survivors, which the bible calls «Remnants».


*** ((PART 2)) Steve Quayle & Henry Gruver Russia to Nuke the USA ***


Benjamin Baruch, he went to the future like one gets off the bus at a stop, and what he saw changed his life forever…


*** Benjamin Baruch: Rise of The Satanic Kingdom ***


Remember key word is ¡¡¡ Remnants !!!  I am running out of space so I leave with a dear friend that is now with the Lord, John Paul Jackson, he had the Prophet Daniels gift of “dream interpretation”, very humble men called himself John no titles, and worked in the worst evil places in his country, like Las Vegas, here is a “light sample” of a 2008 DVD not to scare people, but what he told his friends was much much worse, yet had much same information as others.                          


*** The Coming Perfect Storm – A Vision of America’s Future 2008 to 2018 ***


We have been with the Amish & Mennonites in Canada & US they are simple Christian people, love families work and above all, the God of the bible, they left Europe years ago because of prosecution and the Lord protected them, maybe He will do it again.  Here goes a video of the Mennonites of Belize…


*** The Mennonites of Belize ***

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