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Prophecies and Visions of the «End of the Times – Apocalypse» …

  A  Good Friend just sent me a Letter with «His Vision and Mission» in the «End of the Times – Apocalypse»……   And I love you because I know you will Surprise greatly and clear many doubts of those who know that a New Humanity will be born after a Great Purification of the […]

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Black Star Update Report 50 on

 Black Star Update Report December 15, 2016   December 15, 2016 on · Planet X, Terral Croft, Writers By Guest Writer Terral “Terral03” Croft >>>  Bio and Articles &  forum Weekly seismic and new volcanic eruption event values say Earth experienced an earth change bounce moving into the second and final earth change lull […]

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Terral’s Black Star Project.

  We encourage you, from to subscribe to, «Terral’s Black Star Project», to stay informed on Important Topics Including: HAARP-related technologies. CIA-DoD Operation Monarch. NSA Cover Operations. Project Blue Beam and much more…   You also have access to Terral’s Books: ‘The Mystery Explained’. ‘The 911 Truth: Exposing The Cheney/Rumsfeld Black Operation’. Including a 100-event […]

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