Timing of «The Warning», «El Gran Aviso del Cielo», está muy cerca. ¡¡¡ PREPARAOS !!!

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Hello from Spain, Explorers of the Truth, and the Survivors of the Apocalypse,


I’m going to give my Opinion, although I’ve been working on this for about 3 years of intense Concern for what is happening.  The search for Truth is part of our Life and accompanies us until death.


As a Spanish Catholic for 33 years, we have very present the messages of the Apparitions to the Visionaries, not only of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but of his Blessed Mother Mary, there are hundreds of books with Timely notice, and all that it says in Holy Scripture and the Sacred Tradition, by the holy Fathers and Prophets, (Click Here) The Revelation of St. John , The Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, about these Times, that’s called playing with advantage, and imagine in some detail and luxury, what we have already been warned and that is going to Happen. (The URLs also be copied at the end, if don’t arrive correctly).


I say to you, that the success of this group depends on the stealth and confidence, the Bible says in (Mat 10:16, Prediction of persecution): «Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves.  Therefore be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves».


Black Star is the 5th Trumpet of the Apocalypse (Ap. 6, 12-18; Ap. 9, 10), immediately after begins the Great Tribulation, and this Humanity will end about 3 and a half years later, with the Judgment of the Nations for the 2nd coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, leading to the End Times, the day of Yahweh (that will last a 1000 years, a few Righteous will live in the New Humanity that will fulfill faithfully the Law of God, not as now.  God will renew the Heavens and the Earth, and give to the Righteous that continue a Body Transformed Immortal, as in the Origin, in the Earthly Paradise of Eden before the Original Sin of Adam and Eve.


After about 1000 years, will come the end of the World and the last Judgment, where Christ will separate the Righteous from the Unrighteous, and All will know the hearts of ALL men and their works.


On the Refuge in the Pyrenees of Spain:


It is not as good as it seems:


1) First, because it is an area Potentially Very Seismic and Volcanic, when starts to crack the earth in the vicinity of the Astro.


2) The French side, will be wiped out by a Big tsunami in the Tidal Wave of the Oceans and the shift of the Magnetic Poles.


3) The Bible and many visionaries, speak that there will be the greatest Battle Known, against Gog and Magog, i.e. Russia, Iran, and Turkey,…)   They will invade in 3 months all over Europe, from the Urals to the Pyrenees.



On the date of “The Warning”, that I mentioned to Terral:


I’m going to tell you something Supernatural, Transcendental, Divine, ¡¡¡ that is the Key and most important part of what is going to happen !!!  And that you have to know it…


At the time that the Astro Eclipse the Sun, and the Entire Planet begins to Shake, and the Oceans Roaring with great Force…, does not happen to us nothing, but it will produce the Supernatural Phenomenon of The Warning”, that comes directly from God, then we (all) will see how is our Spirit to face (before) the Judgment of God… 


God will teach us, inside every one, what good we have done, but also will show us the consequences of all the wrong which we have done, to ourselves and to other people, this will bring us great pain and compunction.  All will hold still (motionless) for approximately 30 minutes, all vehicles even planes will stop in mid-flight.  After, we will know if we will reach Heaven or Hell, to continue the Path that We came, that is why it is called the Supernatural Phenomenon of The Warning”.  And God will give us 5 months until The Miracle”, as it says in the Revelation of St. John (Ap. 14, 1-5), to a profound Conversion, and to Change our eternal destiny…


As told us, by the Blessed Virgin Mary in ‘San Sebastián de Garabandal, Cantabria (year 1962, Spain).  Five months after, we will see the Supernatural Phenomenon of The Miracle”, and about 3 years after, the “Punishment,” the End of Time, with the Judgment of the Nations, and the 2nd coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as is Prophesied.


Here are some of the Articles that I have Published on the “Warning”:

  1. El Aviso y el Milagro, entrevista con las 4 Videntes de San Sebastián de Garabandal (1961-1965, Cantabria, España)…

  2. http://redesperanza.es/tag/antonio-yague/

  3. http://redesperanza.es/tag/garabandal/


The Blessed Virgin Mary gave a Third Secret on July 13, 1917, in Fatima (Portugal), to the three shepherds that Portugal will not lose the Dogma of Faith, in the rest of Nations it will be lost, this will cause a Revolution World Wide, wars, plagues, and Cataclysms.


    1. One possible date for the 5th Trumpet of the Apocalypse (Apo 6, 12-18, Apo. 9, 10), is the centenary of that Prophecy, on July 13, 2017 As I said and already happened, when our Lord Jesus Christ warned the King of France Louis XIV:


Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima in 2017.


The Mission entrusted by the Virgin Mary to the Pope in Fatima is:


1.               To Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary:  Task performed very incompletely.  Although they say otherwise, it is FALSE.


2.      Not communicating the Secret in 1960. This task was for the Cardinal of Lisbon or the Bishop of Leiria.


«««May the Pope remember what happened to the King of France.»»»


1.   In 1689, Jesus Christ commissioned King Louis XIV to Consecrate France to the Heart of Jesus:  neither he nor his successors did so.


    1. In 1789, just 100 years later, King Louis XVI is dethroned by the French Revolution and guillotined, together with his whole family in 1793. This Revolution will give way to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, with a bloody end to the Russian Tsars, giving rise to the Communism, which will spread through the 5 continents.  With each Revolution will be born a Red Dragon of Evil, more and more Giant and Mighty. Hence the Significance and Admonitions of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother in Heaven.  (Follow this link  www.Redesperanza.es >>> The Warning in Fatima… ).



We don’t have too much time, because time flies, and we must not relax. The important thing is to be Alert and to investigate deeply this Cosmic Event.


URLs mentioned implicitly in the document:


  1. http://redesperanza.es/apocalipsis-san-juan-evangelista-analizado-al-detalle/

  2. http://redesperanza.es/apocalipsis-segun-san-pablo-segunda-epistola-a-los-tesalonicenses/

  3. www.Redesperanza.es >>> The Warning in Fatima…

  4. http://redesperanza.es/study-on-new-energy-cheap-and-globally-available-for-people-with-less-resources/

  5. http://redesperanza.es/el-aviso-y-el-milagro-entrevista-con-las-4-videntes-de-san-sebastian-de-garabandal-1961-1965-cantabria-espana/



I hope that it’s very helpful to us, and I thank you from the heart, for your Comments. Best,



José Luis M.


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